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    The FutureWork Forum’s
    New Book Offer
    The Worldwide Workplace: Solving the Global Talent Equation
    By Mike Johnson: Chairman of the FutureWork Forum
    The Worldwide Workplace

    The world of work is transforming at a furious, unprecedented pace. Massive changes and shifts in demographics, employment, technology and economies make predicting tomorrow a tough task. This book changes all that. Through interviews with many of the leading observers of the emerging world of work, The Worldwide Workplace gives readers a unique and practical understanding of how the workplace is changing and why we need to prepare for and capitalize on these changes.

    Packed with in-depth global case studies from Asia to Europe and from Africa to the Americas, this authoritative and highly readable book highlights the pressing worldwide “people” issues and puts them into a business-related context.  Based upon rigorous research and the unique insights of members of the global think-tank the FutureWork Forum this is the book about tomorrow that you need to read today.

    Pre-Order Now! -
    Published Spring 2014

    Amazon UK

    Amazon US

    Palgrave Publishing

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    Welcome to the FutureWork Forum

    The FutureWork Forum is a global think tank of more than 20 independent consultants devoted to reviewing, researching, reporting and responding to issues around the future of work. FutureWork Forum partners use their knowledge, experience and unique access to help organizations in both the private and public sector solve tomorrow’s work problems today.

    The FutureWork Forum’s New Book Offer The Worldwide Workplace: as discussed here by the book's author Mike Johnson. Click here to pre-order the book online now.

    Richard SmithRichard Smith: A valued FWF partner sadly passes

    13/11/1960 - 26/1/2017

    Richard was the CEO and founder of Totem Learning, an award winning Serious Game and simulation developer for business and management soft skills training. His extensive background in sales and people management going back over 20 years with companies such as Telex and Decision Systems and ZNAX helped him shape Totem Learning into a truly wonderful and unique place to work. Richard saw the progression of the IT industry transition from requiring a computer the size of a whole room to the powerful smart phones we have today and adapted every step of the way, keeping up to date, whether it was PCs, phones or the latest VR headsets.

    Richard Smith will be much missed by all our Partners in the FWF, not only for his wise counsel and unrivalled expertise for all things in the digital world, but for a man who went out of his way to help others. As I have known him over the last several decades, he mentored new arrivals to the industry that he so enjoyed being a part of. I will also miss his integrity and honesty, not often in evidence in an industry that seems to work at unprecedented levels of stress and technical rivalry. Richard was a an honest man down to his fingertips, not many can say that and I am pleased he brought so much and taught so much of his values to others. I trust we all remember that every time we think of him.

    Mike Johnson: chairman, the FutureWork Forum

    Starting Up On Your Own
    Starting Up On Your Own

    Mike Johnson’s Book “Starting Up On Your Own” is now available in a Kindle Edition from Amazon. Click here to order your copy now. For more information on the book click here.

    Sunnie J. Groeneveld, founder of Inspire 925 and partner at the FutureWork Forum, argues in her keynote speech at the the Campaigning Summit Switzerland titled “Creating a Culture of Engagement - Fostering Inspiration as a Business Strategy” that company leaders and HR executives should start thinking more like campaigners if they want to sustainably increase employee engagement in their organization.