Based in Birmingham, UK

Cliff is Head Of Business Development for Innovation Birmingham, the UK’s largest campus dedicated to digital entrepreneurs and SMEs. Core activities include; building business cases for £multi-million investments, increasing revenue streams, start-up mentoring and real-estate development.

Previously, as founding CEO of start-up Soshi Games, Cliff spent over five years building a digital music-games business, raising circa £1.4m investment and closing significant licensing deals with bands like Queen and record labels like Universal Music and Sony.

Cliff has extensive experience across corporates and SMEs, having worked in sales, strategy and operations for IT companies including Orange, Hewlett Packard and AT&T and at SME level in the retail and motor trade sectors.

As an Independent coach he helped companies such as Morgan Stanley, EFES-Pilsen and Transport For London create; innovative services, improve strategy creation and increase personnel performance. He has spoken around the world on innovation, raising investment and technology.

Cliff has an MBA from London Business School, a BA(Hons) in International Business and a PGC in Executive Coaching. Cliff co-authored ‘Growth Champions’ and is currently co-writing a book on leadership in the digital age with The Future Work Forum. Cliff is also planning a third book combining his experiences building a technology start-up, doing deals with corporates and mentoring start-ups.