Trust does not need sympathy

Trust does not need sympathy

The American industrialist Jean Paul Getty is said to have once stated that contracts are useless. If you can trust your partner, you don’t need contracts, and if you can’t trust them, contracts are useless. The well-known saying of trust and control should be reversed: Control is good, trust is better. Trust is well researched, we know how it is created and how it can be lost again, how it can be strengthened and how it has to be earned.

The pandemic and the future of work in eductation

The Pandemic and the Future of Work in Education

This is a guest blog, written by Garry Honey, Author and trainer, founder of consultancy Chiron risk. Garry approaches risk from a psychological perspective using latest thinking from behavioural economics and the ‘politics of fear’. Although often treated as compliance obligation, risk reporting offers an opportunity to explore fears of future unknowns, a major cause…

What future for the short term focused squeezerleader

What future for the short term focused “Squeezer” Leader?

In today’s extraordinary corporate environment there are an enormous number of aspirational leadership models. Whether it be the Level 5, Authentic, Servant, Transformational, or current favourites, Resilient or Agile leader, endless lists of positive attributes are ascribed to each style. In fact, a cursory review of the world of corporate leadership literature would suggest we…


How to reset on purpose

Are you struggling to find purpose? Do you wake up each day wondering what life is all about? Or perhaps you know your calling, but the stress of achieving your goals has taken the passion out of the things you once loved. These are some of the issues people, entrepreneurs, organizations and even societies at…